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When will Cox update the Contour app to work on iPad with the new IOS 14.0? The Contour app works with iPhone with IOS 14.0 so, why not the iPad?

The app appears to work by displaying all the options normally but goes to a black screen after selecting a program or network. Then eventually stops with the following message: Server Error : : TVAPP-00100. That is followed with the following verbiage: “Sorry, we’re having trouble retrieving this video. If your Internet connection is otherwise working, please try a different channel or program.” However selecting a different channel or program has the same result.

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  • Here it is mid-October and this still isn’t fixed. I’ve spoken with Cox and get the same we’re working on it. I can’t believe this isn’t fixed and I’m still paying. I’m not a novice to tech and have tried numerous fixes and nothing works. If it isn’t fixed soon, I hope Cox will start talking about some type of credit on the bill! Right now for any of this it’s only crickets, which I find unacceptable. Keep your customers informed and you’ll be better off keeping your customers.