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5 months ago

Contour Updates

I have the contour 2 box, and I have several questions, first one is, why does cox need to do a daily update, I don’t see nothing being added or making anything better, why they can’t do a update once a week, also when my contour box does the update and when I turn my tv on the next day, I no longer have a full screen picture, the picture I have when I turn on the tv is like a small screen at the top left it like 1/4 of a picture. I have to go change the contour resolution  by going to the contour settings then video display and change it to 4:3 480i sd then wait a few minutes and then change it back to 1080p60 HD ( Best Available . My tv is a Samsung Q90 it not even a year old 

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  • Hello Jason13581, 

    I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with the cable box updating daily. I can imagine how frustrating it would have to be to reconfigure everything in the morning. Typically, the updates are not daily unless we have to make adjustments with the previous update. Our update window is between 1 am and 6 am. You also should have to reconfigure the cable box each time.  It sounds like something is failing in the update, so it has to start the process again during the next maintenance window. How long has this been going on for? When was the last time that you manually rebooted the cable box by unplugging the power, waiting 30 seconds, and reconnecting it? If it has been a few days or longer, can you give this a try? Can you also check the connections to ensure that they are all secured and the cables are undamaged? If this works, it should update tonight, but not continually update. Please let us know the results. 


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      My 2 boxes does a daily update, this has been going on for a couple of years, I have called and Cox has sent several techs out and they say nothing is wrong, they even ran new cable wire. I have also replaced the boxes several times, I have asked multiple times for a supervisor to come but it never happens. I have unplugged the boxes about 4 days ago and I still get the same thing. I go to the contour setting and I have the daily update time set between the hours of 12:00 to 2:00 am but even single day the box will do an update. I have seen several complaints on google about this. I am in Louisiana so I don’t k ow if that matters. I have had nothing but issues with cox. I have a complaint log so long with Cox it’s ridiculous. I am about at the point of canceling all of my services. I should not have to go through all this to watch tv. Cox tech phone support has told me this is normal for the contour box to update daily.

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        Hi Jason13581, 


        I am sorry to hear that you are thinking of leaving us. I know how frustrating this issue must be for you, Please contact us through Twitter, CoxHelp, or Facebook so we can look into this issue for you, Please include a link to this thread, 


        Thank you for being so patient,