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6 years ago

Cox ruining Fortnite and Live Streaming experience with PACKET LOSS

Okay I started getting packet losses two months ago, which is like a freaking cancer. I did everything from switching coax, hard wiring modem to pc, new ethernet cords, even buying a new modem and sending cox the one they rented me out (new modem is cox compatible Netgear Nighthawk c7000). spoke to probably more than 20 techs online who by the way all did the same thing, reset my modem and cleared the cache. I had two techs come out to look at my house and one changed the lines, which did absolutely nothing, probably made it worst. The next one came and connected my modem into his little device and he said that everything was good, and he left. Now i look like the boy who cried wolf, but i know for *** sure i'm not the only one having this stupid problem. It seems to always happen more at night than in the morning, network congestion or what? Why is there no cure to this cancer yet, seriously... what do we have to do, EVEN if i get another tech sent out to my house what will they do? look at the modem and say its good? they have no idea how to approach this situation.

I have the ultimate package w/ the unlimited data plan bringing me the max amount of $ i could pay for internet with cox, I for *** sure know i'm getting ripped off, I'm probably better plugging my computer directly into a potato. 

Packet losses ranging from 10%-60% all night long, jittery gameplay, unable to live stream AT ALL

download speeds are reading as it should, normally 200-300 mpbs... but upload, oh yes upload speeds are a whopping Less than 1mpbs...(paying for 30mbps btw) every night, tried every speed test site i could find, the meter stick doesn't even move, looks like its trying to go backwards if anything.

I hate this city for only having cox as the main isp that offer high speeds lol. god this ** so bad, vent over. solution you wont find, i just wanted to complain and get this off my chest since cox doesn't do anything with reimbursing me from all this stress and frustration.

Unplugging modem for 10 seconds and plugging it back in now for the 42,371,284th time...

  • I have the info you requested. What is the best way to send it to you?

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