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Call History Not Working

Call history stopped working a week ago, .""We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...." then "Error while fetching call records"  Five days ago Tiffany told me to send an email to Cox which I did but they did not respond.  Four days ago I did a Chat and they said it was a nationwide problem and would be fixed by Friday - - yesterday.  Still not fixed.  This has been a recurring problem for 7 years.

  • MY CALL HISTORY IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!  I downloaded 120 days.  Its missing Aug 1 after 7:18 am through Aug  7 but I can live with that...please don't try to fix it.  I want to thank everyone who made this joyous occasion possible and remind the 5,615 fans who supported me in this endeavor that persistence pays.  Press on!  Tally-ho the fox!

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