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Call History Not Working

Call history stopped working a week ago, .""We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...." then "Error while fetching call records"  Five days ago Tiffany told me to send an email to Cox which I did but they did not respond.  Four days ago I did a Chat and they said it was a nationwide problem and would be fixed by Friday - - yesterday.  Still not fixed.  This has been a recurring problem for 7 years.

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  • Just so nobody is confused about SBCGlobal, AT&T and Yahoo.  Back in the day, SBCGlobal was an Internet provider but after rebranding, mergers and selling to other companies, there is no more

    However, its users can still use their defunct email accounts by logging in through special AT&T or Yahoo portals...which were part of said mergers and selling.

    For example, if Cox finally terminates all email service, its current contractor may allow us to continue using our email addresses with the Cox domain.  Then it would probably become Cox Email Service "Currently from [whomever the contractor]."

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