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Packet loss for a month now.

First of all, I never had this issue before but now its here. I am trying to play a game but my game would stop dance or rubberband a lot. I know its packet loss because im testing it. I would send 149 packets I received 130 back, therefore packet loss. I'm calling the IT help but they always say the same thing. Call the manufacturer of your modem because it might be a hardware issue. But before their claim your basic IT help always say my modem is working fine green good connection. And I know its working its just the packet loss. So, I said please send me a technician to come and look around my area why I'm having such a stuttering connection. Guess what? The basic IT help cant even submit a ticket to provide an appointment because you're assuming its my modem? Plus it seems like your IT help doesn't even know what packet loss is. I have to explain twice what it is. How hard can it be to ask for a technician when it is my right as a customer? I'm paying on time and im paying it full. I am sure im not alone with this issue. Please act Cox

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