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Download speed fine. Poor/intermittent upload speed.


Recently I've been experiencing issues with my upload speed. The download speed is fine. Sometimes when I run the cox recommended speed test, I'll have around 8Mbps upload, and 30 seconds later I'll get 2-3Mbps upload. I'm currently on Preferred 150/10. Definitely seeing more 2-3Mbps upload test results than anything close to 10, sometimes I've even gotten 0 back.

Done the whole basic troubleshooting with multiple support representatives and boy does that get old. Yes I know how to reset. Yes I know to bypass the router. No I haven't changed any set up on my end, but somehow I'm experiencing terrible upload speeds and intermittent drops.

I have an sb6183 arris modem, wrt1900ac router, upstream and downstream status look okay to me, so I'm assuming something has to be the issue from the connection to my house to the cox node, or somewhere along the way. Half the cable is new to the modem.

Was told I can't have a technician come out and take a look because I'm not renting a cox modem - really?!

Really baffled on this one, and could use some help. Most recent speed test and modem status linked.

speed test

modem status


  • I have been having this problem with Cox for over three years. Over 9 technicians have come out to tell me they don't know what the problem is. I recently was told that I had to swap to their modem before they would troubleshoot any farther. Once that was complete, my line was replaced from the house to the neighborhood node.

    The problem is still persistent.

    This is just something we have to live with by using Cox apparently.


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