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Non-stop SPAM for several weeks

I keep a Cox email account open to monitor alerts via my iPhone X and iPad Pro2 but not in Outlook on my pcs.

Lately, I have been inclined to close that email account because for several weeks I am flooded with SPAM.

Is there a fix for this by Cox or a solution that I missed?

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  • I recieve lots of spam daily, I have reported them all to I still recieve the same spam emails over and over from the same people. when I look atr my email daily and find another email from the same source I forward all of them over and over and still Cox can't seem to block them. Today i forwardes all the saved emails from trusted meds and the 3 i received today a total of 75 emails forwarded as attachments to and the idiots will still not block them from comming in. So if you forward these spam emails to them DON'T EXPECT THAT IT WILL DO ANY GOOD AT ALL.cOX SEEMS TO BE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT when it comes to detecting incoming spam. BUT they are sure good at detecting it as possible spam if you try to forward it to the company that the email sends you to. Cox email is a joke.