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3 months ago

Yahho email

Cox CEO.  Let’s get rid of email. Who can we use to really show how we feel about our customers

Cox Leadership Staff. I know. Let’s use Yahoo. They have f#^%#^ up everything they have touched since the 90s

Thanks Cox.  

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  • Hi, there. I'm really sorry for the difficulties you're having with the Yahoo migration and I would like to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to help you get this fixed. 

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    There is a problem with using Yahoo accounts with Thunderbird.  Cox told me to call Yahoo and I was on hold for an hour.  They could not fix the problem because they don't know the answer and there is no way to contact them without being on hold forever.  Here is what works.

    • In the server setting under account settings in Thunderbird, security settings should be SSL/TLS and the authentication method must be 0Auth2.
    • Under cox, it was normal password, and that does not work.
    • if you write an email from your cox email account to your cox email account after you change the authentication method, it has you log into your yahoo cox account and allow Tunderbird process your mail.
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      Thank you pattiwagen, 


      I appreciate you sharing this information with your fellow Forum members. 



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      I've been bit by this issue with Thunderbird twice now where I've had to go back to customer sites to fix SMTP authentication.  For whatever reason, Thunderbird does't have a setting where you can pre-configure SMTP login settings.  As you mentioned, it seems the only way to access the SMTP settings is to try and send an email then address the failure prompt that comes up.