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3 months ago

WARNING: Yahoo hides spam from third-party email apps

Yahoo Email filters out their idea of spam into a Yahoo spam folder and never makes it visible to third-party email apps such as Mac Mail or Thunderbird. I found this out the hard way when several critical emails did not arrive as expected, only to find them later in Yahoo's spam folder via their webmail interface.  There is no way I've found to turn this off. You can supposedly train their spam filter by marking individual emails as "not spam",  but this means you still have to login constantly to Yahoo and check the spam folder for legitimate email.

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    Cox was doing something similar. After several complaints, from me and others, they apparently turned this off on my account.

    I use Thunderbird, and it's already trained to distinguish spam from non-spam. On a T-bird forum, you might ask where this data is kept. Then, see if there's a way to upload it to Yahoo's webmail.

    Save yourself the trouble of calling Yahoo's "Premium Phone support," in my experience you're likely to wait for an hour or more to speak with an agent, and when you do, the agent will be ignorant of all but the most elementary aspects of email, computers, and Yahoo's web app. I recommend that, instead, you look for a Yahoo forum that might have a thread discussing how to control Yahoo's arrogant spam "protection."

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    Thanks for the heads up.  When i logged into Yahoo webmail it shows no email in the spam folder, number to the side indicating anything is there unread and in the folder, selecting the folder and there where over 200 emails in the folder.  Now I do have to admit, Yes, there was a lot of spam messages (I can't really believe there are that many people who are that desperate for a date).  But that's where numerous emails I have been waiting for were sitting.

    I just highlighted them all and marked them as "Not Junk", and let Thunderbird sort them out.  If this screws up the filters for Yahoo, so be it.

    Speaking of Spam. Did you know the first batch of Spam was made in 1934.  The second batch was just started last week.😁