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3 months ago

EMail not saving messages

As far as I can determine I am still with Cox email.  Today two out of my six accounts stopped saving messages.  I use Thunderbird for emails and the 'SENT' file is grayed out and no messages show. 

I get two error messages 

   Your message was sent but a copy was not placed in your sent folder due to network or file problems

   The current command did not succeed.  The mail server for account responded [TRYCREATE] Mailbox doesn't exist.

When I log in to, I can see the old message but the newly sent message are not being saved.  Four out of the six account are working OK

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  • duhmel123,
    If you're not sure if your accounts have transitioned, then we can certainly review these accounts. It sounds like one of your accounts hasn't transitioned to Yahoo yet, if you are still accessing and not automatically getting sent to Yahoo's Webmail. You may email us at with your name, address, and the email accounts that are facing any issues.