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5 years ago

Random lag spikes

Hello , I've been getting random lag spikes for some quite time when I play on xbox and pc. Recently I upgraded my service to gigablast. But it still does it , I've been doing speed test when theres no issues and when I get spikes. I get around 560mb download & 3mb upload on a good moment. 190mb - 300mb & 0.5mb upload when I get spiked.Also my router just loses internet at random times . I have a couple people connected on my router but they mostly watch videos or go on social media. Just mostly affects me whenever I play games. Don't know if I need things to be checked out or what.

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    I have also been experiencing this issue. However, I dont "game", all I am doing is (1) browsing the web or (2) working online. It seems to be getting only worse. If you find a solution or why this might be happening, for yourself, please let me know. 

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      @Mm19, are you on a hard-wired (ethernet) connection or are you on WiFi? Do you experience slow speeds or intermittent connectivity? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I checked my issues I have and it appears that my dns times out time to time ?