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3 months ago

Port forwarding with PW8 Cox modem

I just recently got a PW8 cox modem as a replacement for my motorola Surfboard.  This is a modem +router.   I already have my own router and I am learning that with this modem+router I am  not able to do port forwarding.   Does anyone have any  information on how to do port forwarding with the PW8?. Thanks


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    You have to use the Cox Panoramic app to setup port forwarding. Personally, I would return the modem, and go back to the surfboard modem. The Surfboard line, is NOW Arris, the name Motorola was purchased by ZOOM, and is now on their modems, something I wouldn't use even if they paid me. The Arris Surfboard line is good, as is the Netgear Modem line. 

    Either that or if you are forced to use the PW8, put it in bridge mode and then you can use your own router again.