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3 months ago


The latest email from Cox telling you to change your email to YAHOO is a scam from an identity thief.   The URL is an URL Shortener used by scammers.

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  • Do you have documentation or a screenshot or something. Not all of us have received such a message.

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      Here's a screenshot of the e-mail that I received today! 


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        Try and report directly using Cox webmail buttons. A screenshot won't be sufficient to analyze phishing attempts.

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    I am getting several FAKE Phishing emails claiming to be Cox.
    Yes, watch out and be very careful
    Only one of my email addresses has moved to Yahoo, I didn't get an email from Cox. I got the following pop-up when signing into Cox webmail.


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      The spams originate from mostly from or Google.  Mouse over the link and you will see that is is not COX.   The fake sites are on Google or,   They are trying to hide their websites by using one of the, (many), URL shorteners.   Some are using Cox Mobile to enter the messages.

  • I recommend Safe Browsing features that should be built-in to your web browser (Edge, Chrome) and those should protect you even if you clicked a malicious phishing link. Report spam/phishing to your email provider promptly with the built-in tools in your email client. Use webmail for maximum support.


     Always report discreetly when you notice one. Forum support can't analyze your messages.