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5 months ago

Unexplained Random Data Spikes

I have been a cox customer for over 4 years and I have never experienced any issues with the service until last month, January 2024. One week before the end of the billing cycle received a text alerting me that I’ve used 70% of my data (first time receiving a text like this EVER). with my average daily data usage being 40 gbs I was sure that I had enough data to finish the billing cycle, but I was wrong. A few days later I received a text from Cox saying I have used 100% of my data then another saying that I was at 140% of my data. This was extremely alarming! I immediately went to check the Cox app to see what was going on then I noticed on 1/15 there a 400gbs then on 1/20 there was a 500gbs spike. I then call Cox technical support and all they do is say that I’m doing something wrong, yet I’m doing the same things that I did on the normal data usage days and I keep saying that it’s a technical issue and not me. They didn’t care, but the level 2 technical support lady did give me a credit. Sure I received a credit, but that didn’t solve the issue and I don’t want anything for free, just fairness. Skipping ahead to today, February 3, I receive another text from cox saying that I used 50% of my data today already. 404gbs on 2/1 and then 175gbs on 2/2. Extremely alarmed I checked the Cox technical support forums looking for different troubleshoots before calling technical support. I did all of the suggestions and everything came out clear on my end leaving the data spikes still unexplainable. I called technical support and got the same song and dance with them still not being able to say what’s going on besides I’m doing something wrong, yet I am doing the same things that I’ve done on those 40gbs days as I’ve done on these random data spiked days. No rouge devices, no viruses on the computers, no uploading or downloading of large files, no new devices, no extensive gaming or video streaming, no nothing, yet these data spikes still exist. Please help.

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  • HI, there. I can certainly understand your concern being that I work from home. I understand how important it is to have reliable and stable service. Please email my team with your request at so we can obtain account details and review further.

    Thank you.

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    The same thing just happened to me! From 1/24 to 1/30 the highest amount of data I use is 25, then all of a sudden on 1/31 it spikes to 262GBs in 1 day, the next day it's 249, then 166, and 130! Before the 31st it never went past 50GBs, but all of a sudden it's 3-5 times that in 4 days! They need to fix this crap because nothing has changed in my household, yet here I am already over 50% of my data usage! None of the last 3 months shows that I've exceeded 500GBs in each month (Oct: 333GBs, Nov: 270GBs, Dec 464GBs), and now all of a sudden I've exceeded 500 in 2 days?! Hell no!

    Edit: Only change that has happened is that I've connected a cat8 cable to my docking station, but that should not be causing a 200GB+ change per day!

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      I just last week completed a test between Cox Data monitoring, and my Router Data Monitoring, and Cox is as Precise as you can get. Additionally, Cox is checked by a third party for accuracy and it 99.9% accurate. 

  • Hi, there. I am sorry about the issues you are having due to high data usage reporting. I would be concerned as well if there were no changes on my end that I am able to recognize. We want to make sure you are being billed properly and understand where your charges are concerned. If there is inaccurate reporting, we want to resolve that issue as well. We appreciate you being a loyal customer and want to get this resolved for you.  Please email my team with your request at so we can obtain account details and review further.

    Thank you.