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3 months ago

Cox lowered upload from 100gig to 35gig in Portsmouth VA?

I am located in Portsmouth, Virginia, for the past year, since March 2nd of 2023, Cox upgraded all our internet to 1000 gig download and 100 gig upload; I am an international streamer and have been streaming online for five years now, and I was so happy that Cox was upgrading us to 100gig upload. Now, the problem! Just recently, I logged into my account this month, May 5th, 2024, and low and behold, they changed my plan without notification (Without sending an email or text) that they downgraded me to 35 gigabytes. I called Tech, and they were closed after hours. Then, I used their online texting service and reached someone overseas who could only read what I see now on my account and not what I had in the past. So, pretty much, I was talking to the wall! Has anyone else noticed their upload speeds drop? I have 7 wifi security cameras around the house, 8 wifi lightbulbs, 2 Wifi Wyze robot vacs (I test for Wyze), Pretty much all Wifi computerized house and most of my cameras are pet cams because I do TNR (Catch feral cats), watching the food bowl at what times the feral cats come around. Wyze cameras are cheap, around $20 a piece, and their monthly service is only $3, which helps to cut costs down for a disabled veteran like myself. I don't have TV service and only watch streaming TV through the internet, which Tmobile Military provides Netflix at a discount or free. The only high cost is COX, and I wish they wouldn't charge me $100 plus dollars for internet, but I need that high speed for streaming. Now they just cut the upload and didn't even cut my bill. Upload is critical for a multi-video chat stream while doing a professional video game presentation from home. 


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    First, it's not GIG, it's Megabytes per second. 

    Second, 4K tv requires between 15 - 50 mbps, depending on the level of compression, HD requires 5mbps, so unless you are uploading uncompressed 4k, 35 mbps is more than enough for streaming up. 

    Third, your wifi vacs and bulbs do not use internet normally, they use internal LAN connectivity, and  your WAN speed has no affect on them, and your security cameras, unless they are recording to an external to your home dvr, they also would be on the LAN. If they record to a third party DVR however, they could be using a LOT of bandwidth. 

    MY Internet is 500 down/50 up,  

    I stream up and down with ZERO issues. In fact the other night I was streaming to my daughter's 4k tv a wuxia tv series I have, while I was watching "The Blacklist" on Netflix at 4K. 

    lastly, I SERIOUSLY doubt you called tech and found them closed after hours, because Cox Tech Support is 24x7 every day of the year, including ALL holidays. I know, because I worked there for 1 year in Data/Telephone/cable Tier 1, 11 years in Data Tier 2, and 4 years in CAG. 

    BTW, I have BOTH Internet and home phone service for 79$ a month, and again my 500 down/50 up is far more than enough to do everything I need, and then some, and as a 100% disabled veteran, I TOO am concerned about cost of services. BTW, You can get Verizon plus, unlimited talk/text/data for 45$ a month and for 10$ more, get Netflix and Max. Not sure what T-mobile provides, but I can tell you that 45$ unlimited and then 10$ for netflix and max is a heckuva deal.  Again, I know this because I am concerned about $ in and $ out. Since I can no longer work, it's important I reign in all my costs. 

    If you are using a compression card, something like an Elgato 4K pro, and a good video card, Nvidia 4070, you should be able to handle a 4K capture and stream using about 27mbps, and still have bandwidth left over for your security cameras. If you need assistance with setup, you can check back with me, I do system design, and have been doing it for over 40 years.