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5 years ago

Network disconnection

Almost daily there is a drop in both wired and wireless connections and this has been the “as per usual”from Cox with every single reply of “ It must be your equipment” and then they would claim firmware updates or that the line has feedback from another uncapped line outside my property. Has anyone else had this same issue? Each time I formally complain at the customer care . I have the gigablast and panoramic wifi 

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    Hi ChrisSony, intermittent connectivity can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, and I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues. Our best course of action may be to send out a service technician. Please email us at, for additional support. We can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter as well. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    COX is **.  they do not respond well.  They always have excuse.  They send someone a week later to fix the problem they created.  In my condo, everyone has ATT and theirs work.  I have COX and it will not be fixed until next Thursday.  UNACCEPTABLE.  I will switch ASAP.....