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Connection drops just enough to kick wife out of work VPN multiple times every morning.

For the last 2 months or so between the hours of 7am and 12pm, our connection will drop just enough to kick my wife out of her work VPN. It will glitch out my YouTube as well but that is far less important. The rest of the day is generally fine and my speeds are good when it's not doing it. But my wife can't work if it kicks her out. I was told a technician can put a monitor on my line to try and catch the issue but I can't seem to get one to do it. I lay far too much to you guys for this to be happening.

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    a bunch of other folks are working at the same time!!

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      If it was congestion it would happen during all work hours. I am looking for a tech to help me out, not commentary.

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        I've checked the modem signal levels and they aren't at optimal performance levels. Showing some time-outs (T3) which would cause an intermittent connection. Please unplug the power cord, unscrew all ends of the coax cable, and if there's a splitter bypass it. Reseat the coax ends hand tight power the modem up and see if you stay online. If still having an issue email your full name and address to so we can schedule a technician out.

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    spikemonkey Where are you located. Mine does the same thing from 10pm - 8:30 am.    The tech said the terminal box was showing noise and put in a ticket for maintenance. I'm in Va Beach, VA