[Update] Confirmed Packet Loss Resolution: Goodbye Cox - 92071

I had an appt tonight between 5-630pm where I waited at my door for the tech to arrive. At about 545pm I got a text saying my appt had been cancelled. I talked with support and the said that the tech fixed it outside. I ran a simple ping test to and had total packet loss after 9 pings. Not fixed. I sent a picture to the support to confirm. They then said the tech said I was not home. When I asked for the name of the technician Marlon in support, who was great, said there was no name attached to the service. Good ole private IP address in-between my modem and cox at causing my packet loss. 

***2/9: Technician, James, who was amazing, came out tonight and confirmed a 5% packet loss and said "this is not right, I'm going to submit this" When I asked what that means he said "it means that I'm going to recommend repairs on the plant for this area"***

I will continue to update the progress on this issue as it happens...

***2/10: Tech came out and noted that the plant was in good condition but the entire area is oversold and cannot support the bandwidth. The estimated time to fix is October. Goodbye Cox!***

***2/11: Cox support referred me to customer retention but they said I do not have an account with Cox. Nice way to solve the problem, just ignore I exist...awesome!. I notified our HOA that Cox is no longer working in our area and for residents to seek alternate ISPs. I am also going to contact the local news here in San Diego to ask them to investigate why Cox knowingly oversold this area. Cox wants to say that the reason it's broken is that people are using their internet. Cox sold them the bandwidth knowing they couldn't support it. Cox needs to be held accountable for their negligence.*** 

***2/23: I have cancelled Cox after a week or so of testing a gateway from T-Mobile for home internet. My speeds are between 25-110mbps depending on what band of LTE I can connect to. It isn't a perfect solution, but it is significantly more reliable than the packet loss problems Cox created in my area.

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