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5 years ago

Question about the return of data caps

 So according to Cox website, today is the day they officially return the data caps that they suspended for a few months due to Covid-19 (big bummer)

 My question is, if the data cap suspension is lifted today, but our new billing period doesn't start until the 19th, then how exactly is that supposed to work? While the data cap was suspended you were not penalized for going over, and this month we did. In fact we are 119% over already. Which wasn't a problem. But now the data cap reinstatement, and our billing period do not overlap, so are they just going to not apply the data cap to individuals plans until their next billing cycle? 

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      Well, I gave that a try. Was put on hold for 10 minutes, then suddenly disconnected, so...not a great start 

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        call back!

        fwiw:i was on hold for 48 min yesterday with motor're not the only one calling in with problems. many reps are working from home with many calls to various cs.

        sometimes you just have to bite the bullet & wait.

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    They told me via e-mail that any billing period that began in June will be exempt from data caps.  Any billing period beginning in July and after will have data caps.

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      Taskforce who did you talk to to get this info I called yesterday and they don't have that information do you have an email I can contact trying to.cover my behind thanks in advance 

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    I used the online chat and was told they're only going to look at the data usage after June 30th, not your whole data usage cycle. Since the meter doesn't show us that it seems like we have guess whether or not we'll have a data usage charge for this first month with the return of data caps. Not sure how much I trust this answer though.