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5 years ago

High Packet Loss and High Max ping to first hop after cable modem - Mesa, AZ, Gigablast


High ping to first hop after cable modem via IP.

High packet loss at times, specifically playing games of course.

repeat buffering of movies for the kids a wife watching netflix and youtube.

So, here is what I do:

From the command prompt:


it prints out my IP, then the first hop via IP, then so on and so on until I get to

My first hop IP after my cable modem is:

now, I set up PRTG (Amazing network suite by the way) to always ping to check the health of my network connection to Cox.

I get spikes of 1-5% packet loss all day, every day. On weekends I am now getting 20% or more

No tier 2 support during their customers hours where they actually use their service. No internal teams to help customers with actual IP problems. And no knowledge of what a router does in the world of the internet.

When I tell support I am having a router drop packets on their network, give them the IP, tell them my account, etc. They just tell me to call the manufacturer of my router. they do no understand that they have routers, real routers, internal to their network also.

Not sure why they have not gotten basic training on how the things of the internet work, as not everyone who calls in is knowledgeless about how IP works.

Sorry, just frustrated that I am not getting what I have paid too much for too long for.

Packet Loss on Friday

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  • I have the same issue.   I would expect NOT to see COX private IP address like from the cox network.  I have also confirmed that I can see their range.  (try to ping 10.10.10.# from your residential or business). In my experience, it appears that they have allowed internal IP space to be seen on the public space.  I will call them again and post an update as to why this is happening.

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      I really think they dont care. My neighborhood has no other service provider option so there really is no need for action their part. Last tech out yesterday straight up said that your internet should start working again around 30 April 2020. Makes sense, thats the ETA for lock down to be lifted. The answer has never been "Yah we will come split the node." Which is the only correct answer in this case. 

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      All,   I am on call now with Tyler with Cox business support.  I have also forward this to along with my screen shots of traceroutes and pings showing that internal IP spaces of 10.x that is causing us pain.  I have asked them to update here as I have many cox residential and business customers complaining about the same thing.

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    I have been having the same issue for a while now. Have called Cox several times and was told it was my modem. I switched to a Cox modem, and I still have the same issue. 

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    Thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to take a closer look. Could you send us an email to ( )with your full address and a link to this thread? -Xavier
  • Haha, the best part are the responses from the moderators being like, "probably an issue with your modem or line we need to send a tech out". Just look at the graph moderators, jesus. Why would the line go bad at 5:00 PM every day? Yet magically fix itself during now peak use hours? I didnt even go to school for network engineering or computer science and I dont need to in order to use common sense on this one. 

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        Yah man, in your same boat in Scottsdale, Arizona. Major lack of infrastructure, over saturated nodes (over sell product to a neighborhood node and packages in which the hardware cant handle), and quarantine have made the perfect storm for Cox. Cant even get a executive escalations to respond to emails or phone calls now. Situation must be pretty bad.