Where to obtain connectors for Cox buried distribution cable

Through absolutely no fault of Cox, the buried Cox neighborhood distribution cable was severed by a utility crew working nearby because it "was in their way".  This cable runs on the other side of the street from my property and parallel to the sidewalk.  I phoned Cox and I have 3 options:

 1.  Fix it myself (which I think means hire my own contractor).

 2.  Pay $75 for a Cox truck to assess the damage and provide a quote for repair.

 3.  Sign up for the $10/month complete care premieres wiring protection subscription and they will waive the $75 assessment charge, but still not fix it.

Since the break is not even on my property, I doubt if it meets the definition of "premises wiring".  It is located on the opposite side of the street.

After 2 days without internet service, I decided to interpret Option 1 literally.  I exposed both ends of the cable, and spliced in an 8 foot piece of RG-6.  Incidentally, the data meter indicates I continued to rack up 5GB-10GB of data each day even with no service! 

To my amazement, this repair, which would be generous to describe as a "hack job" not only works, but a speed test indicates normal download and upload data rates.

However, I need to follow up with a permanent weatherproof repair and re-bury the cable, but I do not know where to purchase connectors for this cable.  The existing "fix" will never survive a New England Winter frost.  I think the cable is called "one-half inch P3 hardline direct burial cable.  It consists of a ~14 gauge solid copper inner conductor, polyethylene insulator, thick aluminum foil shield, self-sealing "goo" and an outer plastic jacket.  Overall diameter is approximately 0.5 inches.

I see connectors on the internet that look line giant F connectors with threaded barrel housings.  They are available in several sizes and I am not sure which are the correct ones.  Perhaps I could purchase some from Cox (along with ~8 feet of the cable)?  Would a Moderator know?


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