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Las Vegas - Severe Upload Packet Loss

Over the past month, my upload packet loss has gotten out of control. The issue occurs constantly with 1-2% packet loss on upload shown via Netstats in games like Fortnite or 1-2% packet loss on upload while streaming to Twitch. I have the 100/10 plan with Unlimited Data because I do a lot of gaming and streaming with my room mate.

The issue drastically deteriorates the longer I stay on and/or fluctuates dramatically. At its worse, Fortnite shows 20% packet loss throughout a game. Discord connection goes from GREEN to YELLOW then RED and my voice turns into a robot for others to hear. And streaming to Twitch drops anywhere from 20-25% dropped frames. The drastic deterioration happens within 1 hour, every hour, at all times of the day.

These issues occur on multiple PC's running brand new hardware (2700x Ryzen 7, 16 gb ram, 144hz monitor with 180 fps, vega64). The issue also occurs on my PS4 as well. I have a Nighthawk X4 router that has been working fine for the past year, while the problems started happening very recently in the past month.

When the issue is not happening, a speed test (google fiber) returns 95/10. When the issue starts to happen, the download fluctuates between 50-75 and upload is non-existant at between 0.5 and 2 (TEST is done AFTER shutting off all games and data usage).

I upgraded my cable modem from a Cisco DPC3010 to a SB6190 at the advice of a Cox Technician on my first call to support. Then I returned the SB modem due to the Intel chip report and switched to a Netgear CM600. All 3 modems experience the same packet loss, although the SB6190 seemed to perform the worst.

Technician was here on Sunday Dec 16th and he removed a filter on my line to boost the signal strength. This did not improve the connection at all and my issue persists. The technician said he would create a ticket for me because he only "handles connection from House to Pole" and that the next step is to check the node. I am waiting on an update on that ticket and have not heard back from him. He said he would call back yesterday to confirm the ticket. When I call the 800 tech support, they don't seem to be able to find the ticket and my old ticket was closed and apparently fixed. This is not the case.

Can someone please let me know what needs to be done to get this fixed? Is the ticket created or did it get lost?

Also, this issue seems to be very common in the Phoenix and Socal area to AWS services. I am hoping that I am not a part of that routing issue. Is there an IP for Fortnite that I can traceroute or pingplot to provide more details? When I am experiencing the issue, I also cannot ping even Google. Doing a ping -n 1000 results in about 50% of them timing out while I'm experiencing my problem. When i'm at 1-2% loss, I can ping Google just fine. When I call into Tech Support while experiencing the issue, the tech support is able to replicate the packet loss as well.

Just to clarify, according to the technician, there are literally only 6 houses on my node. I'm not in an apartment complex, and I'm located in central Las Vegas about 1 mile from Fremont Street. The homes here are older, built in 1970s and I suspect the problem could be with my Node? Most of the problems I am experiencing are between the hours of 2-6 AM as well so I'm probably the only person even using the service on my node. Gaming, ping, and packet loss on Cox at this location has been amazing for 2 years and everything is horrible now for the past month or so.