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2 months ago

Follow up to Cox notice

I recently posted a question about an equipment update from COX. A moderator, DannyS replied that the update involved new Tuning Adaptors.  Strangely, DannyS disabled replies, so I'll start another thread with my follow up questions.

  1. As stated in the original post, my tuning adaptors were updated about a year ago.  Are you really going to update them again or is this an error.
  2. I finally got a hold of a real person at Cox.  She stated that the update involves new Cable Card, not Tuning Adaptors.  She seemed to know what she was doing and was fully aware of the fact I had new tuning adaptors. She has send me two now cable cards.  So...  What's really going on?


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    Posting here as I was hoping LongTime_Tivo_U could answer if such worked and was required but understand if mods want to move this to own thread for support.

    Were the cards actually different? Firmware change?

    My family also received such notice (same dates) but on going into the chat link provided from email they say they can't see anything that we need to do or order.  At first they thought it was modem despite it stating "Cox video services" in the email. I had mentioned I thought it was probably the tuning adapters needing replacement since the location is using 2 cisco tuning adapters/cards. I basically spent 2 hours in chat with  them just to state the notice was probably sent in error as they can't see that such would be needed. So I was curious if it really was the cards and/or HSC's. 

    The location for my family happen to be in an rfog neighborhood so it is my understanding there would be no high split for them as far as the internet is concerned (it is my understanding the ONU will only support a mid split if properly configured to as it won't allow upstream above 85Mhz) however I worry that with everything around the neighborhood moving oob "higher" and needing the HSC that even though there is no high split for them that the actual signals will require such and/or they are using a new SDV server that the cisco TAs won't connect to as "everyone" else in the area (since most areas around it aren't rfog) had to switch to the Vecima HSCs'.    

  • LongTime_TIVO_U, The new Vecima tuning adapter is required for all customers who opt to use a cableCARD to receive video services. Customers must swap or upgrade their equipment in order to avoid a disruption of service.  It would appear that the agent over the phone is referring the adaptor as a card.  If you would need for us to review your account.  Please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at anytime for assistance. We are always happy to help.

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      I contacted Cox using the email suggested by DannyS .  They stated quite clearly that this is a cable card issue.  Two new cable cards have been sent out.  

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        Hi LongTime_TIVO_U, 


        I am happy to hear that the Rep is sending you new cards.



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      Interesting reply.

      As suggested, I'll contact Cox via the email address you provided.  Hopefully that will clear up the confusion.