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3 months ago

Webco advertisement when tv turned on

When the tv is first turned on, a Webco advertisement appears rather than going to a tv channel. It is supposed to go away with the push of any button on the Contour remote, but it doesn't. None of the buttons do anything. We have to just wait for up to 2 minutes for the channel to come on. We've set the privacy and notification preferences, but nothing changed. 

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  • Hi Lgagliardi, that sounds frustrating! I'd like to get more information about what's happening. Are you able to take a picture of the Webco advertisement and post it here? Alternatively, you can email the picture to my team at I'm sure we can figure this out!

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      Hi Lgagliardi, that looks like the user interface platform for the TV. What happens if you change the TV's input? I'm wondering if the TV's input defaults to 'TV' rather than the input it was using when it was last powered off. If the cable box connects to the TV using an HDMI cord, change the input to HDMI. 

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    Did you buy a new smart TV?  That looks like a media selection screen set to display for a specified duration each time the TV is turned on.  Use the TV remote to change the "media" setting to "Cox" to go directly to live TV when the TV is turned on or to "Recent" to go to the last media selected.