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6 months ago

Cox email to Yahoo Mail soon 2nd notice

Cox email to Yahoo Mail soon 2nd notice

It has been about a month since my last post. I received my second email from Cox on Feb 5th (2 days ago. That was the title (above) of the email. First let me say that the group is very prompt and helpful with some of the details.

It appears I am in the first group in RI. I haven't seen any post on any forum with someone discussing the actual transition. I am still unclear about the initial phases; including what day, what time, how long are we off line, can we wait a few days before we sign up (let the dust clear), (I feel like I am part of a test group - not too crazy about this).

I did learn that each email address you have will be dealt with individually. That was a concern for me; my family has 6 cox email account at my residence (in RI); however, I have only received these two Cox email for only one of my accounts.

There is one statement in the email which was puzzling. How will I know when I've been moved to Yahoo? • If you access your email through webmail, once transitioned, you'll be redirected to the Yahoo site to complete your move.” Sounds like move first than done? I am not sure what happens if I decide to wait a couple days for the dust to clear and get some real feedback.

Oh well. This transition may be very straightforward. It can be. The communication channels need some work. The IT support teams should be getting more information from the transition planners so they can convey more information to us.

I will provide an update in a couple weeks.