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3 months ago

Why did my DVR stop recording certain episodes of shows set to series recording?

I have several television shows set to series recording, and recently noticed that I’m missing weeks of recordings.  I have the TV shows The Voice, Abbot Elementary, etc set for series recording and it’s skipped 4 to 5 episodes and picked up weeks later after all of those missing recordings.  When I attempt to play the recordings, they are only available on Peacock so I just was forced to pay for subscription to Peacock. If I want to watch my shows, why is that so when I pay for Cox Cable already and was able to record in the past? Help, I called Cox and was told that it’s something to do with the actual TV channel prohibiting me from recording, but I for Service and expect to be able to record so where’s my refund? lol help fix this 

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    I've never heard of network programs being blocked from being recorded.  It sounds like the individual at Cox you spoke with was misinformed or you misunderstood what they told you.

    There are reasons why scheduled recordings may have failed.  An episode could have been pre-empted by other network programming or the recording could have failed because it conflicted with another higher priority scheduled program.  

    All season 25 episodes of "The Voice" are available On Demand except the Tuesday hour long episode 4 on March 5.  You can watch all but one hour of season 25 On demand for free.

    I don't watch "Abbott Elementary", but all season 3 episodes broadcast so far (1-10) are available On Demand.  You didn't have to pay for Peacock to watch missed episodes of either program unless you really want to see that one hour of "The Voice".  But, while an episode did air that night, whatever made it unavailable On Demand may have made it unavailable on Peacock too.

    Note: All On Demand availability referenced is for Cox TV.  If the program episodes aren't available On Demand for Contour users, that would be a different issue.

    Another possibility is the missing episodes were recorded but were deleted from the DVR during a nightly update.  This is a known issue with some Contour receivers. 

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      I'm often having the same issue of missing scheduled recordings as well, (typically from CBS and NBC channels). I shouldnt have to pay an additional $2.99 per missing episode (after paying so much for Cox cable services) because those episodes are also skipped in the On Demand free for me section. (ex: Law & Order: SVU S25 has ep 1-8 available, skips 9,10 and 11, then 12 and 13 are available in the On Demand. Most of the season did not even record although I've had it set to record for the past 4 seasons and it (mostly) recorded all the episodes until now). 

      If episodes are deleting due to the nightly updates, that's a problem I should not be having since I'm paying all this money to Cox for. 

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        Hello Cytet. We'd love to help you with this issue. Please reach out to us at for assistance. 

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