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7 months ago

Tuning Adapter (High-Split) Converter Problem

I have a TV ROAMIO that has been used without problems with a tuning adapter for 9 years.  

A few months ago I was sent a new High Split Converter (HSC-1-H) and I installed it and it worked without issue for 2 months.

At 2 am a week ago, I could not receive any channels.

When I unplugged the HSC tuning adapter - everything returned to normal.

I replaced the Cable Card - no effect

A COX tech spent 2 hours in my house and was unable to find the problem.    He verified that all my wiring, splitters, and signals to the unit were fine.     He replaced all the cable and splitters.

I replaced with TIVO with a new ROAMIO - No change -  Nothing will work once I plug in the Tuning Adapter.

COX sent me a new Tuning Adapter (HSC) and everything worked for about 24 hours - then, once again at 2 am - the problem returned.   No channels unless I unplug the tuning adapter.   

I have changed all the USB cables, twice, changed every component in the system, twice, and watched the COX tech work on the problem for 2 hours - Nothing.  

I have an open support ticket, but no one ever updates the status.   

Any suggestions?   Firmware updates?






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