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2 years ago

Planned outages but no notice

I have to say I’m sick and tired of Cox outages with no notice. Their email bills find me just fine, but they can’t seem to issue a notice of a planned out for their customers, they just pull the plug with a big FU. 

When the high speed alternative reaches me, I’m so gone due to this attitude.

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    I do online support to NZ and Aus much of the time. These lying creeps shut me down from midnight to 5 two or more times a week.  You can't email the SOBs. I'll call tomorrow. If they refund a month or two and promise text notifications for every neighborhood outage I'll hold on for a while. 

    I don't know whose in charge but their greed will kill this business. I'll finally turn on my Starlink account to start. If it goes well I'll be gone for good. 


  • It's getting so ridiculous at this point. Zero notification. I just get blasted with alerts from my home security system saying there's no connection at 2 in the morning seems like 2 or 3 times a week. I hate this company

  • You took the word right out of my mouth. How are people supposed to work without service to pay the enormous bill we get each month!  I have spent hours on the phone to get my bill reduced for service COX doesn’t provide. I’m reporting BBB which will get me nowhere but maybe a TV appearance might do the trick. Clearly we are not alone. 
    it’s been 27 hours already this week without service in my neighborhood! Unreal!!