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4 years ago

What am I paying for exactly?

I'm in New Orleans. I got duped into upgrading to Gigablast almost a year ago, because I live stream for work, and I was told what I had (500), wasn't good enough (in actuality, I needed to upgrade my equipment. I did that, and I got Gigablast, and I have the same quality internet as before. I just pay more for it.) 

A technician has come, a new modem was sent, I have the best cables, I connect via ethernet, and make sure everything that could compete with the internet while I'm working, won't. Sometimes it's great. Mostly it's not. I KNOW it's not me. Customer service is kind and apologetic, even when I'm in tears from losing days of work, and therefore can't afford the stupid upgrade I got hosed into getting. Now there are add-ons that are meant to do help do what their service should do already. I can't understand how Cox hasn't been struck by lighning for having the audacity to offer. My fury can be seen from space.

I know there are no real solutions. AT&T fiber is only available to certain neighborhoods in New Orleans so far. I know everyone in my neighborhood will jump ship the second it's available. I guess my question is, are there any class action lawsuits on the horizon that  can jump on?

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    You likely signed into an agreement that precludes you from joining a class action lawsuit. They are out there however. That said, you can pursue consumer arbitration. I’m not in your region but know of a law group who specializes in the arbitration process with Cox. Your story is just like that if many others. Here’s a recent investigation article that really digs into the issues. Also, do not get duped further into paying for their Cox Complete Care in order to get a technician to your home.

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      I think my resonse to the customer service person that suggested it, after I had just finished venting at length about the bang for my buck I was not getting, was, "Are you F---ING kidding me??" 

      Thanks for your insights. I'll check it out.

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        First, 500 Mbps is good enough to cam especially if you're persnickety about shared devices...unless its the 10 Mbps not being good enough.

        If you don't need 1 Gbps or 500 Mbps, there is a 300/30 Mbps plan.  It really depends if you have lots of concurrent devices sharing your connection.

        How often do you do speed tests?

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      Based on what you've shared with the group it almost sounds as if you may have been or are experience a lot of service issues of your own. I certainly regret any inconvenience caused. With many of us working from home these days I can see how important reliable service is. Should you still require any assistance with your services we're happy to help. Feel free to email us at to get started. Be sure to reference this thread and share your account info when doing so for faster service.

  • @MereWolf, It looks like we may need to take a look at your account. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.