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Terrible packet loss and jitter.

Has been 3 months and still no one can answer my question on this. Have been gaming recently and noticed a terrible lag I thought it was temporary, but after 3 months it only got worse. Called 2 techs and both had the same sorry excuse. Looking for a true answer. Tried 6 different routers, even getting the Panoramic gateway. Can't even finish the post because it says I've gone "offline". There has to be something that has to be done. This is the only high speed internet in my area, please anything that can help...

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  • @R3hab3000, Do you have any traceroutes or pinplotts that we can review. This will help us determine what is going on with the service. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    I've been having issues with latency spikes and packet loss for months now. Sent and email to cox got nothing. Game support is telling me last mile is the issue. Be nice to get what we are paying for.