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5 years ago

Stop blaming Cox, you whiners!

Since I first discovered this forum I've read many dozens of questions in which users blame Cox for their email or internet problems. Many others chime in with posts like "Yeah, I have the same problem" or something like "Me too. I'm sick of it. Cox **"

But have these whiners called Cox technical support, describing their problem in an intelligible and thoroughly descriptive manner? I can surmise from the posts and replies that the answer is mostly "No".

My experience with Cox has been more then satisfactory. I did have to call Cox technical support once for a modem issue that only they could resolve.. And they did, in a heartbeat.

If you have internet problems and your device is a PC then I can tell you the primary source of such problems are:

- Registry cleaners like Ccleaner et al. If you let programs such as this modify your registry you might as well reinstall Wndows to get it working properly again.

- Installing device drivers from "who knows where".

- 3rd-party ant-malware software. You don't need that **. Rely on Windows Defender.

- Editing your registry or configuration based on info from non-Microsoft websites or upon the advice of your neighbor's cousin's 14 year old "PC guru" son.

And the list goes on.

I'm an EE and certified IT specialist. Let Windows take care of itself. Uninstall 3rd party anti-malware software. Don't install drivers from ANY of the many "device driver" sites. Don't open emails from sources you don't recognize and don't go browsing where you shouldn't be browsing.

Or you could install one of the many Linux distros. But if you're not an expert coder you'll find yourself up the creak without a paddle.

At this point all I can say is that I'm running Window 10 with all current updates installed and my device drivers are maintained by appropriate sources. Windows runs great and my Cox internet connectivity is impeccable. If you have a problem, call Cox. Most of the recommendations you may receive here are 3rd party misinformation, even from the moderator (sorry, whoever you are but dems da facts).

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    Feel better? lol. This forum isn't meant for debating points of view, but I'll bite (in before lock)... first, thanks for your point of view, but painting forum posters with such a generalized brush is presuming too much imo, and that's my point of view.

    As for issues with Cox services, customer service, etc., quite simply, the reason you're reading so many posted issues is because that's largely the reason for this forum, for folks to post their issues and for others (be they other forum users or Cox support personnel) to offer their help.  Minus an issue or an offer to assist, little reason to post (and yet, here I am ;-)

    And the reason many posters blame Cox for their issues quite frankly, per my experience, is because Cox is to blame for many of the issues posters post about.

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      I'll agree to disagree. I just find it frustrating to read some of the BS posted as ridiculous resolutions posted to resolve a subscribers legitimate problem. Or the ones who chime in to say that Cox has done nothing to help them. That has not been my experience.

      I suppose it's because I have a major problem with the modern IT Specialists (including the amateur ones) who, in my opinion, know only enough to be extremely dangerous. The college-educated ones have worked their way up to positions of influence in the industry, which is why the average person blames IT technology for all the related problems that occur on a daily basis. IT technology is just fine; it is the human element that is the problem.

      And, again, as for Cox I have no complaints (which is very unusual).

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        Just because it hasn't been YOUR experience it doesn't mean a lot of us aren't having legitimate problems.  I've spent hours on the phone with chat, connect app, and phone trying to get my issues resolved. They have escalated it to tier 2 but I still don't have the issue fixed. They changed my password so they could have access to my email account (something I'm not comfortable with but they said they could not fix my problem without getting into my email) As of today, I still have the same issues. I've screenshot every time it happens, and the techs have been able to see the problem but not fix it. They will report on the forums that the problem with email is fixed, but it's not fixed for me, so yes I post the facts. 

        I have had multiple and continuous problems with cox and their representatives who for the most part do not know what they're talking about. I've been given wrong information over and over again, and it's extremely frustrating.  One of the reasons I always try to use the apps and chat is I can save proof of what I'm told, when sure enough a few days later the next rep says they have no idea what I'm referring to as "there are no notes on your account" 

        I've been waiting for a week to get a recording of the phone call setting up my MIL's account, as the agent told my husband a totally different thing than what was reflected in the bill. One of the agents said she would "split the difference with me" Like that was an acceptable response? No, YOU messed it up, YOU fix it. They tell you one thing and do another. I was assured that they discontinued my MIL's auto billing because they were way overcharging and sure enough I logged in and they did not. 

        It's just constant, every day and I've spent hours and hours with "support" 

        Great that you've had a good experience but do you really think I enjoy wasting my time posting on a forum if I didn't have real legitimate issues?

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      The initial point I was making is that if you have an issue with Cox services it is best to call them directly. There are many complicated issues to consider when your service malfunctions. And since Cox technicians don't monitor this forum it's unlikely the correct resolution will be found here. In addition, I had read so many responses to the effect "Yeah, I have the same problem. Cox **." that I felt the need for my post. It seems that it angered the stereotype it was directed to. 

      BTW. Whereas you first say this isn't the place to debate issues with Cox's service you then go on to say that it is. lol ... as you say (did you really laugh out loud? If so, you should seek psychiatric help ... or resume your medication regimen)

      My Cox services work fine. For those with issues who simply come here to complain, it is THEIR problem, not Cox's. This is a technical support forum, not a support group for insecure whiners.

      Again, thank you for proving my point about the clueless chiming in with nonsensical misinformation.

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    nice rant but most problems have been streaming to TV, game controllers, email clients and out-of-spec signals in modem logs.  Nothing about Windows 10.

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      I've had no problem with them either. And what are the specs that are out of spec? Where do you find the correct specs and what do they mean?.My modem provides no logs relevant  to "signals" or whatever you mean by that.

      As far as email, I have several email addresses: Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cox. I use Windows Mail for all of them. If you know what you're doing they all work fine once configured correctly. And if you're not talking about Windows 10, where are you having email problems?

      And what do you mean by "game controllers"? How could a problem with a game controller have anything to do with Cox.

      Thank you for proving my point about the clueless chiming in with nonsensical misinformation. 

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        I don't know. When I pay for fiber optic internet and they provide me with a "panoramic-wifi" modem that promises high speed "wall-to-wall" coverage and I am lucky to get 100 Mbps when I pay for 1000 Mbps and it sometimes dips so bad I can't watch TV, then yes I will whine. The modem's five feet from my TV and doesn't have enough ports to run ethernet cables to all devices. $130 bucks a month and their only solution is to reset my modem which I can do myself.

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    Wow...lots to unwrap there.  I should have never challenged your credentialing as a certified Internet Troll specialist.

    First, if you're not familiar with broadband signal-strengths, you shouldn't be giving advice.

    Second, if you don't know the difference between webmail and an email client, you shouldn't be giving advice.

    Third, you got me on "game controllers."  I'm not a gamer but I know the difference between a controller and a console.  I should have written "console" and if that qualifies me as clueless, so be it.

    Fourth...and this was my point that had somehow galactically shot over your head...lots of things other than Windows 10 can have network-connectivity problems.  If a Roku and a home security system experience the same symptoms, more than likely it has nothing to do with a Windows update, driver or CCleaner.  These other devices are what most subscribers are "whining" about.

    Fifth, rolling back a driver is not only common but an essential troubleshooting step, especially with legacy hardware.  If you dismiss rollbacks in favor of "let Windows take care of itself," you shouldn't be giving advice.