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4 years ago

My upload speed plummeted all of the sudden?

Ive had the service for 4 months

had above advertised speeds the entire time. no crashes. no lag. no latency problems or packet loss and no service loss aside from when Oklahoma had the statewide freeze last month
internet preferred 150

all the sudden, just today.. my download is going from 80 to 160 instead of a solid 160 and my upload speed is staying at 0.2 instead of the 8 its normally at (even though its rated for 10)

my PC ethernet port is solid orange. means its established 1gbps link and is a good cable. the router lights are all white and the ethernet port is solid green. 

havent changed any wifi settings or PC settings

every time i contact support they recommend upgrading routers and promise they aren't throttling me. if its not throttling, something is wrong with the Cox center by me. 

4 months. consistent speed. 1 night i all the sudden go from 8.0 Upload to 0.2 and to fix it i need to pay 10.99 a month to upgrade routers to the newer revision.. if that revision has been out for year, why wasn't it the one initially installed?!  and why should i have to pay extra to access the internet speeds i'm already paying for

couple months ago i was being hounded on support to get gigablast like.. i dont need 940 Mbps. no one does. i gamed on 12Mbps 0.97 for 5 years. 16 hours a day. no lag. 

each device only needs that speed to game lagless. 940 is beyond overkill. even though 10Mbps is beyond lackluster compared to ATTs 240Mbps upload.. it would be BEYOND fine for a single PC gaming and streaming and has worked flawlessly for 4 months until tonight. for these 4 months, the service and customer service have been stellar.. now i just feel like i'm getting swindled. and to have someone check out the service i'm paying for and the router i'm renting.. i have to pay more money too. come on.

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      Hi RTHatchet, this is not an issue that the members of the forum will be able to assist you with. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at Please include your home address, a description of the issues you need assistance with, and your first/last name and the first/last name for the primary account holder. Please include a link to this thread.

      Our Social Media Team is online 24/7.

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator