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5 years ago

Internet is not stable

Hello I have been having issues ever since I moved to this new house. Cox had been working great with no issues whatsoever in the previous home. Unfortunately now we cant have a solid connection for more than 1 hour. It's a shame because we pay good money for wifi and use it for work. I have tried everything in my power to try and fix the issue having only a few devices connected at a time, moving the router closer to the middle of the house, checking all the wires. nothing seems to work, we also had multiple techs come in!!!. If I were to guess the issue is coming from the outdoor box but when you mention to them that your wifi is not working and want to sent a tech and the issue is not cox related they want to charge you! I mean my issue should've been fix the day I moved to the new place.  When it does work less than 15 minutes they speed is amazing really fast 

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    @morara27 Hi Morara27, we find these issues to be quite concerning, and we also regret learning about this poor experience. As of now, I'm not detecting any known issues or outages in your area, and your modem is currently not communicating with us properly. Can you please make sure all cables are tightly fastened and free of damage? This includes any splitters or amplifiers you may have as well. Please don't hesitate to include a link to this forum thread and email us at, for additional support. We truly want to help resolve the internet service issues you're having. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator