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I have the unlimited data plan for $50 each month yet cox reduced my gigablast plan to 50m download 3m upload which is completely inadequate, for 90 days because they think I am HARMING others connection in the neighborhood

 I purchased the unlimited plan because I need to use a lot of data and you are saying I'm actually not allowed to do that? the person also in a insulting manner say he could not remove the limit nor could his fu**** supervisor. just because they see my usage as not appropriate they punish me? and btw they formally downgraded my service so it's not me "feeling like" it is throttling. anyone has the same problem?

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    What kind of Data Amounts are you using ? It would have to be a bunch in order for it to harm others. Is it 4000 GB plus or worse ?

  • If I were you, I'd send the contractual agreement of your unlimited data plan to your lawyer to look at. It is at best misleading advertising to offer any "unlimited" package and then subsequently limit you. Cox network has been a trainwreck since Covid. Wouldn't surprise me that they throttle you because you are taking too much of the network. Especially if you are in the double digit TB (10+) in a month. They might literally not have the infrastructure to support it and the rest of the neighborhood. They shouldn't offer an unlimited data plan if they cannot actually cope with these sorts of numbers.