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2 months ago

Cox email transition - has anyone completed the transition to Yahoo

Has anyone completed the email transition to Yahoo? It would be appreciated if any Cox customer would answer this question. 

I have been trying to get some information about when; and all I receive from Cox is we don’t know. In my opinion this response is unbelievable  - a significant customer service change and the company’s help response team can’t provide an answer is unbelievable - implies a lack of transparency or worst.  

So that’s why I am calling out to any Cox customer and provide some feedback about the “actual” transition. I and many of us have received the preliminary emails about the future.

Has anyone's completed the transition?

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    Once I received the email from Cox telling me it was now time for me to transition to Yahoo Mail (around March 14, 2024), I used the IMAP settings at I immediately transitioned and it has worked perfectly since March 14th.  I can now send and receive my email using the Outlook email client (both traditional and "new" Outlook). The key to successfully setting your email up in Yahoo Mail lies in whether your data has been MIGRATED to Yahoo Mail yet. If it has not, you can try to set up the email client you're using all day long and you WILL NOT successfully log in to the Yahoo Mail servers. Yahoo Mail has to be able to recognize your email address and can only do so once Cox has migrated your data to Yahoo mail.

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      I think this is the best advice for people who are having problems with the transitioning. The key is your data from Cox has to be transitioned over to Yahoo first before any of the account setting changes using Yahoo's server domain and port settings will work.  For us, so far we have only received the "Almost time... " emails.

      I would drop Cox like a bad habit and would have done it probably 20 years ago but unfortunately for me, in my area they are the lowest cost cable and internet provider. 

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      Bill C

      Thanks for confirming that this transition can work successfully with the specific steps you described. I am still waiting for the "moved" email (last email I received 3rd email dated Feb 2/19 ("home stretch few weeks)). I use pop3 with Outlook email client (with x6 accounts); it should be straightforward as you described. Hopefully.

      Thanks again.

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    Here I am a couple of days after the cox mail cutoff. I successfully got yahoo to recognize both mine and my wife's addresses. I am able to use Yahoo webmail. But I ran into these problems and just about to resign and change over to iCloud, with the attendant changes with all the people and places I have email with:

    1. I cant get my Apple mail account to sign on to Yahoo as a client. Ive tried both the normal yahoo web password and created a special "app password" per yahoo instructions. Neither is recognized and the yahoo account simply shows up greyed out with the triangle-! symbol in my Apple mailbox list. The command Mailbox:Online Status:Take Yahoo Online results in no response (using a 2016 MacBook Pro, Intel based computer).
    2. The Yahoo mail app is not compatible with older Intel-based Macs. It must apparently be an M1 or later computer. (My wife has an air with M1 chip and I successfully installed the Yahoo mail app on it).
    3. The (free) Yahoo webmail contact import does not support importing any of the formats (such as V-card) that Apple can export. So I cant have my contacts there without retyping them in?
    4. I sure don't like the ads in the (free) Yahoo email list. Same with the app for my wife.

    Does anyone know if iCloud can be set up to use our addresses? Or will we have to go thru the change of email address?

    Any suggestions for fixing 1-4 above complaints are welcome.

    Not happy with Cox or Yahoo.

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    I also have a question about the transition.  Now that the service (email), which we have been paying for, is moving to the free Yahoo platform, is Cox going to lower our service price?  A significant part of Cox's responsibility is being pawned off to Yahoo and Cox's system will be saving quite a bit of resources.  If our bill is not lowered, this will just be another fine example of "shrinkflation" where we continue to pay the same price for less service/product which just increases the company's profit for their shareholders.

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      Hi, there. I understand your concern. Our first consideration with this transition was to ensure there was a future for this ancillary service and Yahoo will provide that. Our email is provided as a free benefit for having signed up with Cox prior to 2019 and has never been a paid service (in the same way basic mail from Gmail and Yahoo are also free). I hope this helps explain. I must apologize, also for the lack of available information. All currently available information can be found at but at this time we don't have any dates confirmed. Customers will begin receiving email communications 60 days prior to migration. Thank you so much for your patience with us. 

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        When I signed up for Webmail 20+ yrs ago, I used my full name.  Now, I don't want that info on Yahoo.  How do I change my user name to something less personnal?

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      The answer from ChrisJ2 is disingenuous. Cox like any other for-profit business is not doing anything at their expense for the customer. I wouldn't expect it. Email service they were providing is no exception. Someone is paying for the "free benefit".  Now if those costs are passed to those who signed up after 2019 then they should get the discount once Cox drops their email service and is no longer having to internally fund it. Of course providing email services costs Cox money.  There's equipment, labor, software related expenses, transmission maintenance and capital costs to support internet which the email travels over.  The question still stands and is completely valid. Will Cox lower the cost of their internet service to all of those who are paying for it once they drop their email service costs?  We all know the answer.

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    Does anyone have detailed transition instructions that actually work?   I received a notice to make the transition and followed the instructions on the linked web page.

    First, I entered my Cox email address and email password . . .  so far, so good, it recognized me correctly as a Cox customer.  Next, I was required to enter a Yahoo email password.  I tried several, which were all rejected because they resembled the Cox password.  Evidently, there are undisclosed Yahoo password rules.  After, several more rejected attempts, by luck I found a password Yahoo found acceptable.  Finally, I clicked on the "complete the transition" button, and the screen went completely blank.

    I returned to the original Yahoo mail login URL, and it would not accept either the new Yahoo email password or old Cox email password.  In both cases, I received a "invalid username or password" message with a link to a Yahoo Help site URL.  The Yahoo help site directs me to a Cox help site, and the Cox help site directs me back to the Yahoo help site, so both options are a dead end.

    It appears my only viable option is to create a new Gmail account with a name similar to the Cox account I attempted to transfer to Yahoo.


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    Can someone provide a screen shot of the two first screens (Yahoo mail platform) we are suppose to receive once we get the moved email?

    I have been monitoring this forum for the last 2 months and I thought I had a reasonable process (per folks on this forum). however, yesterday I did see a new tread (issues and dead end) about this initial login and setup. I received the third email about 2 months ago.

    As I understand 1) we rec the moved email (Yahoo mail platform) = log in with "existing Cox address and existing password" 2) next screen allows us to opt in and ?create new password? with ?new password requirements? and 3) which I presume are listed as well as ?exclusion for historic passwords?

    Is that correct? I would appreciate seeing the detail screen shots (devils in the details).

    Note also I have an existing yahoo account. My concern is that linking to yahoo mail platform link "might" open existing Yahoo page shows existing account. In that case my plan is to close existing Yahoo account and select add an account on that page. However, my concern is that this "add an account" is not part of the Yahoo mail platform transition workflow.

    I do not want to get into some confused account invalid issue (that another individual on this forum encountered - aka "dead end".

    If I can see the two or three screen shots, I can see what to expect. Any suggestions welcomed.


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    So I just transitioned to Yahoo, and it only pulled my emails from 2018 to now?? I lost all my emails I was saving?

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      Hi, there. I'm so sorry for the issues with missing mails. As the server contents would have transferred after you've followed the initial link. Yahoo would be the support channel. Although i am glad to help if I can, the server contents are no lover recoverable on our end. Have you checked each mail client for copies? I have seen customers using POP protocol that had their mail downloaded to a client and did not have it on the server to be transferred. Please let me know if I can help and I will do my best. 

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    Completed it this morning, AFTER I received the email that said 

    Welcome to Yahoo Mail!

    Your email is ready for the final move to Yahoo Mail.

    1. Go To

    2. Enter your full cox email address 

    3. Enter Cox Pwd

    4. Change the password when directed to something new and exciting.


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    I have two email addresses on my account. I received an email notice that the transition was complete for the address I used to originally setup Cox email. I followed the directions and got Yahoo setup and running. My concern is for the other email address, which is the one I use 99% of the time. When I tried to set it up, Yahoo said it doesn't recognize the address. Will  that one be done separately? Will I need to wait for another email that it's done and ready or is there something I'm missing about how to transition it?

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      Hi RickS1,



      Not all email addresses will move at the same time. You should get a notification when it's ready to move, but you can also just log directly into If you have your webmail inbox, you're still with us for the time being. If you login and you get a page about the Yahoo transition, it's time to complete the transfer. A link to the Yahoo sign in will be available at that time.