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29 days ago

E-mail Transition to Yahoo! is a Mess!

Received two e-mails about Cox's transition of my e-mail account to Yahoo.  Last one received March 6th that included transition FAQs (very few).  As I use Outlook to access my e-mail, I noted the statement that said if I use a third-party app to access my e-mail I'd receive a follow-on e-mail with instructions to reconfigure Outlook.  Well today Outlook is being rejected by Cox servers, or lack of, and I don't have any instructions on configuring Outlook to access Yahoo! using POP.  I've been in a chat with Cox for the last 45 minutes and the person on the other end is more confused than I am.


This is a VERY POOR roll-out. 

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    YAHOO wants my driver's license number to help with my account transition. I asked the person helping me for their driver's license number /phone number and email address and real name before I give him mine... Crickets.. Big problem trying to use outlook 2016 with Yahoo. Not all of my subfolders made it.. CURSE cox for ruining my life! This really sucks. I'm looking for options!!

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      Yes, this whole transition sucks. Customer service is non existent when it comes to help with Outlook.  I've tried every POP and IMAP setting and can't get Cox / Yahoo / Outlook to talk to each other.

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        I had the same problem with outlook not working with Yahoo.. I gave up. I'm transitioning all my emails to another account away from Yahoo. I'm going to leave my 2 cox addresses open on their server and check back to see if any stray emails get sent there. I'm looking for options!! This is no way to treat a customer.. Especial one that has been with cox for decades. I have never heard of having to give up your drivers license number to prove who you are to get help like with Yahoo! Is this a harbinger of things to come?

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      Hopefully Cox will lose a lot of subscribers. They treat customers like dirt, their marketing is simply a boat load of lies.

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        I apologize that you have had a poor experience with how you've been treated. Please reach out to us on Twitter/X at CoxHelp, on Facebook or send us an email to with your name, address, concerns and a link to this forum thread so we can assist with these concerns. Thank you.

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    Horrible. I was able to access my email via Yahoo sign in. Yahoo didn't even recognize my wife's email address so she is now without her primary email address😡We use Outlook as our 3rd part email app (and contacts and calendars) with both of us being familiar with Outlook after years in the corporate world. We are unable to link to Outlook even after removing and adding back as a new account! Android mail no longer working either. The coup de gras? Yahoo chat is an automated attendant and their customer service offering if you would like to speak with a person, is fee based! yjcmtsu If we weren't in a location where we have no alternative than Cox for internet, television & telephone we would have been long gone. Oh, and did they reduce the cost to shift the email burden onto the customer? NFW 

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      Update. I was able on the day(s) of rollout (1st day, my email address, 3rd day my wife's) able to establish access via Yahoo website & Yahoo app (following the instructions Cox provided) and Android. Delete the accounts, add back with the new Yahoo info (cox email address and NEW Yahoo password). Still unable to get Outlook to recognize the email addresses until this morning.

      I called FREE Yahoo help, 866-562-7250 and walked through the Outlook set-up process, total time spent including waiting on hold for CSR, 36m.

      In brief you need to login to Yahoo account security,, and click on the generate password link, type in 3rd party email app, Outlook, and click on copy in the auto generated password text box.

      Then go to Outlook and perform the email account repair process, or create new email process if you have already deleted) using the Yahoo security generated password.

      Use the correct incoming server path (, use 993 as incoming server port, check SSL option; and the correct outgoing server path (, use 465 as outgoing server port, check SSL option and if prompted Request Authentication = Yes and select the radio button use same info option.

      I hope this saves someone the time I lost trying to set up Outlook after Cox email migrated to Yahoo.

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        Thanks for the heads up. I haven't receive the go email yet but I expect it soon. I use Outlook email client also. Cox Yahoo need to update their documentation to provide the details and correct asap. This is a real issue for many customers. We use email for work and other responsibilities. We don't have time to wait 24 hours for servers to work, or talk/wait for customer service. We are all losing time here. Updating pop3 and smtp servers and port settings is a very common and relatively easy change to make. IF the host servers and programs were setup properly. Frankly I think. this may be more of a access rights (server admin) management/processing issue. Whatever this is a common design and workflow.

        I hope the moderators are reading these updates and informing their management that they need to update their information asap.


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    Have to agree. I also use Outlook and have multiple Cox email addresses under my single Outlook account. Could not get Google Chrome to work (for registering my first email address and then was able to get Edge to work. Then you have to go into Outlook settings for that email account and make the necessary changes for either IMAP or POP accounts. I use IMAP so they are here -

    Finally got it working. Now I am having trouble setting up the next one in Yahoo. Says the account doesn't exist. All I can say is 

    Cox and your tech support is useless.🤬


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    Hey, Ric, I found a solution from a guy named TomSteele2 that finally resolved my transition problems.  Wasted about 3 hours this morning messing with it before I found Tom.  Tom's solution is very clear.  See

    Good luck.

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    I use Thunderbird and now can't bring in Yahoo.  I tried to change the imap settings and password, etc.  Nothing has worked.  I have been with Cox since '11 and this is more than a simple annoyance.  


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      Mwurman: I am also a frustrated Thunderbird user. I have also tried using a 'new' account and it just will not connect with the Yahoo server.

      Have you figured it out yet?