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coxs customer support? All i can get is a person who cant speak english and all they can say is "we tested your connection and it seems fine from here." Im like oh well gee i guess i called for nothing then. Wth cox. My dl is under 200mbps on wi

Slow speed for lots if money

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    What speeds are you currently getting and are you hardwired or wireless?

    Jonathan J
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    they've test to the house, have no idea what non cox equipment you might be using!

    notice you don't mention your setup here either!

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    Pl post Cable modem logs, which will include errors and signal strength

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    Moderator, true or false: Interrnet speed across the LV Valley are being slowed by massive #'s of CCSD students online at the same time for school, and there's nothing that can be done about it?