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Random drops and modem disconnects - How to get a competent response from support?

Let me start this off by saying that I am livid with Cox support and the inability to get a competent response. I am a Network Engineer with 2 decades of experience and literally spend every day configuring/debugging networks and equipment, from server applications down to the network packet bit level. I have not found any issue with my equipment.

For the past couple weeks my home Cox Internet connection has had random drops and modem disconnects throughout the day. For the past 3 days it has been horrible. My far less technical neighbor confirms "it has gone to $#%7". When it is working, there is no issue and modem signal levels are about as good as you can get. When it drops one of two things happen:

1) Loss of all internet traffic for 15sec to 20min - Modem shows as connected with 42+dBm SNR and little to no errors. Unable to ping the Cox headend gateway from my router. Unable to renew or get a DHCP address from Cox on my router. I can see ARP requests and occasional DHCP responses to other customers, but no response to my DHCP requests. At some point it will suddenly start passing packets again without any changes. Resetting the modem does not fix it.

2) Loss of all internet traffic (modem shows as connected) followed by the modem losing sync a minute or two later and flipping between "provisioning" and "access denied" for the next 2-20min. Sometimes it will provision and appear connected for a few minutes, but I can not get DHCP or internet traffic.

This has to be affecting my entire neighborhood and my neighbor confirms the same dropouts. I finally call in to open a ticket/find out an ETR and Cox Support wants to know what TV I am streaming with... Cox Support wants to know if my computers are hardwired or wireless... Cox Support wants me to reboot my computer... Cox Support wants to know how I know my computer can't get DHCP... None of these have anything to do with my ROUTER connected the the Cox cable modem, not getting DHCP or packets from Cox.

The only answer I have gotten out of Cox is that my modem looks fine and if I agree I can have a Cox Tech come out and "test" my equipment for $75/hr. How do you get a competent response out of Cox Support when the problem is upstream of the modem? This is likely a Cox headend or backhaul issue...

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  • Not to hijack this thread, but I’m having the same thing. I work in IT and understand networking very well. The tech came out Friday but couldn’t find anything other than t3 timeouts when I have the issue. He checked with the field tech who couldn’t find anything, but one of my neighbors also has t3 timeouts at the same time  

    There is a nice message: 

    Increased internet traffic - During certain times of the day, increased network activity in your area may impact service performance. We know that’s frustrating. Rest assured, our engineers are working to fix this issue.

    Estimated Time to Repair: 11/12/2021 02:20 AM

    For reference I am in Wichita. 

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