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Cox upload speed 1mb with gigablast

Paying for the Gigablast plan and only getting 1 mbps upload speeds. My download speeds are perfect i get up to 960 wired at times, but my upload is not. I've had a technician recently come out and clean up interference from my cable lines and my issues seemed to be fixed temporarily. Ive purchased 2 new modems and had them activated separately and the issue still exist. (Netgear cm1200 and Arris Surfboard SB8200 (which im keeping bc of its compactness) . Ive got another tech scheduled to come out Saturday but i feel like this might be a issue at the cable line source. I asked the live chat agent if he can get someone to check on the signal of the are and he told me the agent he scheduled will work outside. My hopes aren't hi that the person scheduled will actually do any work at the source and will only work on the cable box outside of my house which was recently worked on and currently only has 1 line running into it due to me cutting off my phone line. That cable is connected by 2 or 3 couplers and no splitters. Any help would be appreciated. Ive tested the speeds coming directly from the modem as well. Im starting to think cox is intentionally sabotaging my upload speeds in hopes to get me to pay for the panoramic modem/router which they keep throwing in my face.

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