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The infestation that's getting through Cox mail servers has got so bad that it's outright inexcusable, and I dread every moment when it comes time to check my email. In many ways it seems like Cox is a magnet for attracting not just spam, but other exploits, such as spoofing, phishing and pharming. Stuff that cyber-criminals use to deliver malware, attract victims to malicious websites or to steal confidential and sensitive data.

In all honestly, I get more garbage than legitimate messages that it's become a frustrating chore sifting through the mess it creates. Not to mention the hours I've wasted in the daunting task of creating over a hundred, non-effective, "filter rules" to weed out some of the reoccurring pests. In fact my Inbox looks no different then my Spam folder, each containing a mixture of both spam and legitimate emails (just as the image shows above). "Marking" an email as spam is a joke too, and you’re a fool in trying to utilize that option because it does absolutely nothing. Perhaps it’s because protective measures are not being implemented by the server. But even if they were, I shouldn’t be receiving the same garbage every single day. And just to prove I'm not exaggerating, here a "small list" of the garbage accumulated in a typical work week:

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Not only is it enough to make your head spin, but it's an issue that's shared with thousands of other Cox customers who are equally just as frustrated. In fact this abuse has been going on way too long and it's about time that the company finally takes immediate action to combat these security issues - rather than continuing to ignore them over the years by neglecting the basic techniques for securing their systems - and thus leaving us vulnerable.

Frankly, I strongly feel that we as consumers deserve more consideration than what we've been getting, as well as receiving the best protection against all outside threats. After all, if Gmail can protect their users from spam and other exploits for free, then why can't Cox at least try by doing the same?  With that said, I'm convinced that Cox is technologically behind the eight-ball and is seriously in need of updating or adding more security layers to get back up to speed. Please weigh in if you agree.

NOTE TO MODERATOR: Judging by the many posts on this particular subject during the past several years, this has been an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved. Since this is forum open for discussion, it would be greatly appreciated that you allow more ample time for comments and/or suggestions to be heard before making the final decision of marking this thread as locked. Thank you.

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