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The cox email server, randomly, but once every 15-20 min, will require Outlook (two different versions) to pop-up a window that asks to "Enter your user name and password for the following server."

My wife and I have about 10 different cox email addresses. This problem is not specific to any one address, and all addresses have the same problem. Two different versions of Outlook, each running on different machine, each machine being on a different network (one which is connected directly through Cox through a Cox modem), has this problem.

I have about 10 other email addresses on other servers, including Gmail, Verizon, and AOL, and my work. None of those other email addresses have this problem. They have never had this problem. 

However, this problem has occurred on-and-off for at least several years.I called a couple of years ago and Cox said they were updating their servers and that the problem should go away. It never completely went away, but the frequency did decrease. However, in the last month, apparently when they recently updated their servers again, the problem has resurfaced with a vengeance.

The following link describes the same problem and other similar problems, all associated with the cox email server.

While I'm not an IT person, I am an engineer, and I try to be logical.

I just got off the phone with 'Amy' at Tier 2 level support with Cox. She kept telling me that Outlook is the problem, not Cox. That is simply not logical. We went over the email server settings... something I've done like 20 or 30 times. Initially she even tried to tell me that there was only one set of setting for the Outgoing SMTP port, when Cox's own website shows two different settings (either using TLS or SSL):

I've tried both. Neither make a difference. I've reentered my password multiple times. I have it so that it remembers my password. I can still send and receive emails... but it is very annoying to have a pop-up window come over your work 10 times a day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Outlook as all other emails, not associated with Cox, work just fine. Always have.

Amy told me that maybe I should just turn off the automatic queries (I have it set to query some Cox addresses every 5 minutes and others every 7 minutes) and manually ask to Send and Receive... That completely eliminates any benefit conferred by the email client that notifies me when I have email.

The server settings are correct, and when you check the functionality, everything works. However, clearly, every once in a while Cox's servers is telling my client that I don't have the correct password, when I do. I don't even have to re-enter my password. I simply cancel the pop-up and everything works fine. So, it remembers the password no problem.

Cox, please fix this problem (again).

-Deja Vu

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