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Outlook constantly asking for email password

I have 5 pop cox accounts in Outlook.  About 10 times a day it will ask me for the log/pass.  It's always the same....for whatever reason Outlook is timing out or cox is not getting my credentials. Sometimes O will ask for only 1 and sometimes it will ask for 4 in a row.

It's been going on for months.

  • @ChrisPbass

    With that many accounts configured I wonder if there is a little confusion going on with the setup.  I'd suggest checking the account settings in Outlook for each account and making sure the username and password for each account matches to the corresponding email address the account is setup for.  Also make sure that the username does not have "" on the end of it.

  • Thanks for the reply.  This is not a new problem and I have thoroughly checked the creds. 

    Also, this is intermittent.  It does not happen all the time.  If the creds were wrong they would never work. 

    The timeout in send / receive is pretty generous too...I think I have it set for 1:30.

    It happens with each of the 5 accounts.  Not every account is affected every time...but no account seems to be immune.

      Also happens with my wife's Outlook and she only has 2 accounts. 

    If anything, it is annoying.  Not really a big deal but I'm taking another shot at figuring this out.

  • Could be a registry problem with Outlook. To make sure its not a issue with the server, maybe try Thunderbird, or some other email client and see if the problem persists. 

    Also, do you use IMAP or POP3 for the email type? 

    Last, what version of Outlook do you have?

  • POP3 and Outlook 2013 via Office 365. 

    Maybe i'll try a repair. 

  • Actually I re-read your second post and noticed you said your wife was having the same problem, is that on the same computer or different computer?  

    On top of the repair, Microsoft also has a .PST repair tool. See here.