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Non-stop SPAM for several weeks

I keep a Cox email account open to monitor alerts via my iPhone X and iPad Pro2 but not in Outlook on my pcs.

Lately, I have been inclined to close that email account because for several weeks I am flooded with SPAM.

Is there a fix for this by Cox or a solution that I missed?

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  • The alerts in question are from Cox about my bill(s) and tech appointments.

    FYI but you don't need a Cox email for that. You can register any email address to your view/pay bill account. 

    I thought if others reported the same issue that Cox might adjust their anti-Spam firewall that in my case is failing miserably.

    I doubt they will. Cox's anti spam has never been good. It's not a matter of just changing a rule. The entire system is just bad, or worst yet, Cox gets a cut.

    I have used this particular username in not a few places so that would be a painful solution for which I hold Cox Communications liable.

    I hear ya. My Cox account was hacked. That's why I won't touch Cox email with a 10 foot pole. I would suggest getting a Gmail account and then registering that to your Cox account. You can still use your Cox username, but you won't be bothered as much by the spam. I have had Gmail for almost a decade now..and I think I got one(1) piece of spam in my inbox.