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Why do I still get ads on my Paramount plus account on contour app? I have a primeum account?

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      Sorry but no. My wife was watching The Good Fight (on demand) and in addition to an ad at the beginning, in the midst of it got four minutes of commercials. That's not "ad free" or a brief promotional. What we're getting on Cox is Paramount Essential, even though we' re  paying for Premium through

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      I am also experiencing the same issue.  I verified my log in, verified my premium level on contour application settings.  I also verified by pausing the episode I was watching on Contour (with 4 minute commercial periods).  I then switched over to my Roku box and unpaused the same episode, and did not have commercials the rest of the entire episode.  Approx 40 minutes.  There seems to be an issue, unless Cox is inserting ad content on their own.

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        Please try clearing the cookies/cache on the contour box. Then sign out, back in, and reboot the cable box. Let us know if this helps.

        Jonathan J
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      I have sat on the phone on hold for the 1.5 hours needed to discuss with Paramount.  They said immediately it was a problem with their app.  I opened a trouble ticket for my Samsung app and for the Cox Contour app.   However, I have discussed this with Cox and they just replied "Huh that sounds strange".   You are not wrong that the Cox app is NOT working correctly for some (maybe all) as I have the same problem on the Contour Box.   

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        I have the same issue as well. I've signed out and signed back in multiple times. Also the set top boxes reboot every night so I don't think rebooting will help. Seems it might be a good time to jump ship and dump cox cable all together. I hope you guys get this fixed quickly as I already paid too much for your service the way it is.

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    As of 01/12/2022, I am still seeing 4 minute ads on EVERY show I watch!! This is BS, why pay premium price when you get the same service as $4.00??? Are yall planning on fixing this issue?

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      Hi @TiffanyROM
      I know how important it is for you to see your favorite content via the Paramount + app. Are you only having that issue on the Contour App or is the issue happening while using the app on your smart TV as well?

      Ben S.
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        I too get ads (4 minutes long) when accessing paramount + from contour. I do not get ads when I access straight on app on smart TV or web.  So it’s definitely COX inserting the ads in the streaming or not permitting FFWD to skip the ads.  One day when there is another provider in my area, I will consider other cable and ISP providers!  That day can’t come soon enough!