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5 years ago

Searching the guide does not work correctly for Contour 1 units

The guide shows 2 weeks of scheduled shows.

When I search the guide for a specific Title, it only gets hits through Sunday, August 18.  I can manually find additional hits beyond  Sunday by scrolling through the guide.  I've experienced this situation over the past few days.  I expect by Monday there will be no hits at all.

Steps to search:  Press Guide button -- Press A (Search) button -- Select Search by Title -- enter a title (e.g., Twilight Zone)

I called Cox Support yesterday (August 16).  Support downloaded the software to my Contour unit.  The unit rebooted  but it didn't fix the search problem..  Upon further investigation, Support replicated the problem on their two Contour 1 units.  It is apparently a software error - or the capability was changed/reduced for some unknown reason.

Cox support could not confirm that this problem would be fixed - only that it would be reported to those that maintain the code.

I was advised to keep checking the Search capability for the next week or so to see if, hopefully, it has been fixed.  If not, I will have to just live with it as is.

If you use a Contour 1 unit you might want to see if you are experiencing the same issue with the search capability.

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  • I have the Contour 2 which does not have a Guide/search (A button) that functions to a title search like your Contour1..  I must press the Contour button in the handheld remote middle (above the up/down arrow).  Next I highlight the search (1st magnify icon, next to the Guide and Saved).  After keying in Twilight Zone, I select the show, then select the Episodes button to see many episodes and seasons all defined as OnDemand/Buy.  My guess is that there is no online Guide view of Twilight Zone for the next 2 least in my market.

    I do use the Episodes guide to help me see past and future shows of any series.  It's a great way to set up future records, and to keep track of the 'next episode'.  There are so many repeats and popular shows are identified by episodes and some times a title change.  Have not noticed if these guide shows past 2 weeks....probably does.  Series recording of currently new/repeat show are another way to save, although I'm having problem with this.

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    Hi Jupiter852, we are unaware of any changes made to the TV Guide on the Contour 1 system. It is possible you may be experiencing issues with the receiver. I suggest checking to make sure that all cables are tightly secured and free of damage. Please also make sure any splitters you may have are in good, working condition. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      @KevinM2   I don't believe Jupiter852 was reporting an issue with the TV Guide.  I believe he was reporting an issue with the Search function.

      I tested searches on a Contour1 and it only found recorded programs.  I then changed settings: Guide Options > Search & Browse Related and checked "Remove Recorded Programs".  A subsequent search still found recorded programs and only recorded programs.

      It appears there is an issue with the Contour1 Search function..   

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      The Cox Support personnel replicated the issue on two of their Contour 1 systems.  The person I spoke with confirmed it with her manager.  So the issue appears to be one of the software used for the search function - not an issue unique to my Contour 1 unit.

      I just now (Sunday, 8:10 am Eastern) checked the Search function.  It cannot find any shows in the Program Guide beyond today - just those showing today.

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        Same problem in new Orleans area. It is a cox problem and they should own up to it

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    Contour is fundamentally the Xfinity X1 platform because Cox licenses the software from Comcast.  If you ask Cox to fix, troubleshoot or improve Contour; your feedback has to pass their "Engineering team" then to Comcast and eventually to whoever manages the software stack.  Meaning, don't hold your breath next week.

    I have noticed recent changes on Contour.

    I'm relatively new to Contour 2 but I remember the Search feature was a word on the Contour menu as opposed to its current icon (magnifying glass).  I also noticed the Messages feature has changed.

    When I used to press the Contour button on the remote, "Search" was an option to the right-side of the "On Demand" option.  The word "Search" has since been replaced with "Sports" and the previous chat icon (speech balloon) has been replaced with the Search icon (magnifying glass) to the furthest left.  I included a screehshot of the previous menu.

    Also, the light on the front of my box kept blinking last Friday.  I recall reading in this Forum a blinking light indicates a new message.  I left-arrowed but Contour responded, "No New Notifications.  You're All Caught Up."  Why are you blinking?

    I curiously pressed Contour > the Gear icon and at the top of the menu was Notifications:  No New Messages.  That's new because Preferences was always at the top of the menu.

    If Comcast changed the "top-most" Search and Messages features, I'll assume Comcast also changed the underlying codes.  I'll also assume Comcast tested, tweaked, certified and pushed the changes to its subscribers.  Does Cox test software updates?  Did Cox test this update?  If Cox did test it, they missed something.

    I wonder if my feedback ever made its way to Comcast.

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      Very good Bruce, did not know the Comcast connection.

      I too remember the search being a word rather magnifier.  I've tried using it on the Contour2, even using the quick method of keypad alpha entry.  Kinda neat, not exactly like a phone type entry.  Just push the keypad groupings and the numeric entries are converted to search possible number conversion into a list of titles.  Much better than sliding the cursor

      I also notice that Cox and most software companies do not inform their users about changes that are made to each market.  It is left to users like yourself to observe and push buttons to find changes.  No documentation.  Since there is no follow-up, it relies on memory or specific features that are added or in some cases, deleted for the system.  The new RecordedON: is new but with problems.  Also features that were there under the old DVR are no longer multiple DVR host machines record options, and Series record at a specific 2 pet peeves.

      Taking pics helps preserve how things are or were, but we are at the mercy of the Big Boys...I've offered to assist Cox to check out some features, but their "Engineering people" have it covered...Why we get so many issues is unfortunately.  However, I really like many of the other features of Contour over the past let's hope for the best.

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      Couple of other Guide features, on the Contour2 remote: Normally if you press Guide, the playing picture displays/plays under the overlayed Guide (you can set the intensity of this view).  Now, if while you are viewing a show,  you select the RT -> on the selector, you will get a reduced full view, and a sub-list of the channels that are above/below the one you are viewing.  If you now RT -> again, you get the guide of shows on that channel where you can see what else will play at a given time.  Another RT will let you watch/record what you find.  The LAST button toggles you back one step at a time.  Push some buttons and see some amazing features!

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        We are having the same issue as original poster.  Not sure which contour remote we have but have the 8742HDC DVR.  Issue started last week.  I can find future listings by changing date & time but if I search through keyword, title or cast & crew only a description shows (at times nothing comes up).   Have rebooted manually & through tech online.  Service tech scheduled to come out tomorrow but dont want to replace DVR as I have recorded shows.  Any suggestions or is this a glitch through cox?

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    Noting that gsc331 reported having the same problem yesterday and that Search was working as of about an hour ago,  I checked again today (Monday evening) at 7:50 pm Eastern.  Search appears to be working correctly on my Contour 1 now.

    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread, and especially to KevinM for contacting the Engineering Team.

    KevinM - if you find out what caused the problem, could you post it in this thread?  The action taken might be useful to have in the future should the problem occur again.

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      Same here in our area, started working last evening & I cancelled my appt this morning with the tech.  Fingers crossed it will stay working.