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Cloud Based DVR in RI Bad too...

(Dec 25, 2021) - High Paying Customer - ready to pull plug

Same issues as others describe for Cloud-Based DVR Recordings and Playback here in Coastal RI.  We record Jeopardy, National News, PBS Nova, Etc.. for playback and viewing at our leisure.  So often the viewing of playback has issue.  Blank or Empty segment of recording that causes playback (or Fast Forwarding) to Freeze DVR and System so badly we have to reboot local control box whenever hard freeze occurs.  Super frustrating when its almost every night trying to catch up on multiple episodes of favorite show, etc...  

The issue I agree can be sporadic. Sometimes horrendous maybe after local storm or partial outages within the COX system wherein we don't lose TV service but Cloud DVR playback behaving really poorly.  Other times there is no rhyme or reason for poor behavior  - it just happens and we find ourselves having to lighting Forward past some dead piece of segment in the recorded show to get to go segment, or it freezes during this process - Errors, yes the ones shown in this post - then hard crashes requiring a full Control Box reboot - all quite standard in our home with 1GB Service at $200 / month - 3 Control Boxes (Bdrm / Main Rm / Upstairs family Rm).  Note at these rates for 3.5 years averaged over life of subscription so far - have spent ~$7,000 with COX to date and will be nearly $9,000 when I'm done with them.  That's a lot of cash when you add up the many subscribers within these posts having issue with their equipment and services!

Clearly COX is aware of this issue with their Cloud-based DVR service and while they can say its likely an individual house or residence problems, clearly with so many reported cases - they need to do a Deep-dive to resolve or possibly lose many subscribers in regions where other providers are offering competitive packages and pricing.

At this point we've been using COX equipment and services for going on 4 yrs as we were told when we moved to S. RI they were a solid choice.

At this point however with their ever rising costs, the constant need to call and negotiate and renegotiate and then to see them sneak back more new Broadcast and TV charges onto the monthly billing - the "shine" of COX services has significantly dulled.

Previously we were reasonably happy Verizon customers for 18 plus years in MA - at least No Service issues like this - albeit we used their physical DVR unit for recordings since Cloud-based not an option.   Now with so many of our neighbors choosing to switch back to Verizon FIOS for many of the failings and issues with COX such as this ones and others including constant price bloating games.  They actually said on phone our monthly costs were up to something like $300 / month but thanks to the generous promotional offerings they reduced it to $200 - albeit with new constantly creeping charge increases - really ridiculous.

So looking forward to when my CONTRACT is up and can pull plug on COX and move back to Verizon FIOS

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    I wonder if Cox sporadically providing "horrendous" service could void your contract/agreement?

  • @DoogieinRI, I recommend sending us an email with any account concerns to Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.