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2 months ago

New Tuning Adapter constantly rebooting Tivo

I just received the new Vecima tuning adapter and originally had issues activating it.  Had a Cox tech come out and got it sort of "working".  Hours after he left, I turned on the TV and it caused my Tivo to reboot.  Once it rebooted, it couldn't see the tuning adapter.  If I leave it connected to the Tivo, I noticed it rebooted a bunch of times (it interrupted some recordings).  If I leave the Tivo and Vecima unplugged for 5 minutes and then plug them in, it will connect.  As soon as I went into the Tuning Adapter diagnostics, I can see the firmware is 1.8.0 and after 2 button presses it rebooted my Tivo again and the tuning adapter is again not showing up.  Do the reboots ever stop?  I can't keep it connected if it constantly keeps rebooting and stopping my recordings.

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  • Hi, Tomi. I'm really sorry for the issues with your replacement tuner. It shouldn't continually restart like that. Presuming it's seated correctly, it may be malfunctioning. I'd like to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to help you get this fixed.