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5 years ago

a question about contour or contour 2 cable boxes (NOT THE DVR)

I was wondering .... can I have 2 contour boxes (not the DVR kind),  in the same house (thus replacing a mini-box)? example... 1 in living room and another in bedroom...

Or better yet,  if I found an extra contour box or contour 2 box (say at goodwill, ebay, amazon, etc...), would I be able to use it in another room instead of the mini-box as I have noticed that the contour box in our living room has nicer features such as more programming and voice remote than the basic remote and programming associated with the mini-box in my room.

Any answers on this subject would be great... especially if I find out that I can simply replace the mini-box with say a "goodwill, ebay, amazon, etc.." contour and only pay $2.99 instead of whatever cox is charging to rent their contour receivers each month. Would there be any problems just plugging it in where the mini-box was??

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  • Hi BatmanFanatik. You can have additional contour 2 boxes in your home, however, you would need to rent them from Cox in order for you to be able to enjoy all the features that you love. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      If a customers does not return a cable-box to Cox, does Cox block its MAC address on the network?

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        @Bruce, if the cable box is not returned to Cox, then an equipment fee is assessed on the customer's account. Cox typically does not provision cable boxes over the phone. The receivers must be drop-shipped to a customer's home, picked up at a local Cox retail location, or installed professionally by one of our service technicians. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator