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4 years ago

Upload issues

Hi, this post is to bring attention to the issue that I am having in a recurring fashion with cox. I have gigablast. I have submitted a formal complaint with the FCC. The issue with my internet is not a line issue or an issue with the lines in the house, or an issue with one specific computer. My upload speed is legitimately just being throttled. I brought to the attention of a rep that I filed a complaint with the FCC, and my internet worked perfectly, for about a week. So much for 35 upload. During peak times, I understand my upload dropping, and for the last week during peak times the lowest its gotten is 22 up. However, now I am back in the same boat I was in a week ago, after four conversations on the phone, a rep visiting my house, and a formal complaint with the FCC. My upload is less than 1 mbps. 1!!!!!!!!! This is beyond ridiculous. I have a suggestion for you cox, stop throttling your speeds. I know you hate hearing that work, because I've had two reps hang up on me as soon as I mention it. You still haven't contacted me about my FCC complaint. Im about to lodge another one. Three years in this house, and I've never had these problems with upload. It started when I started streaming onto twitch. As soon as I started using more upload and upgraded my internet to compensate, I started getting throttled. I should never see less than one up. It's so bad that the dial up company in the neighborhood offers more consistent and faster upload speeds. It's pathetic. It's targeted. And I'm over it. As soon as another company moves into the area with any kind of consistent service i'm switching. Too bad you have a monopoly in the area though because that's how the free market works for ISP's. 

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    Sounds very similar to what's going on with me. I've had people out multiple times. If has been bad for about 2 years but as of late I'm getting really bad speeds  0.5 mbs. Makes streaming and gaming online impossible.